leaving Studland Bay

Ash Scattering

Motor Yacht 50
This charter is specifically tailored for families and friends to be able to scatter the ashes of a loved one with dignity in beautiful surroundings.
Our boat has a large platform at sea level, as well as a large aft deck giving good visibility for those not wishing to go down to the swim platform. Although saying goodbye can be sad, we are able to make it a memorable occasion.


Prices start from £450 - including tea/coffee.
Brownsea Island (includes just under 1/2 hr at anchor) £450
Charter time 1 1/2 hrs approx
A longer trip spending more time at anchor £650
Charter time 3hrs - approx
A longer trip, with complimentary afternoon tea.
The destination will depend on tides & weather.
Max 12 Guests
*items in our complimentary food offering cannot be substituted and may not be suitable for guests with food allergies/ or special diets.

Please ask for more details.

Give us a call: 07809 433207 or
email pooleboatcharters1@gmail.com